Female Friendly

FOXY Lady Approved

We are part of the FOXY Lady Approved female friendly business network in recognition of our commitment to quality standards and superior customer service. This also means that women can be sure we'll treat them with the same respect we do men. Sadly this is not always the case in other dealers.

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Foxy Lady Approved

Award-winning FOXY Lady Drivers Club is the UK's only everyday motoring club for women, helping members save money on their motoring and insurance bills by negotiating the best deals, adding insider advice and introducing the best businesses that are going that extra mile to get service levels right for females.

For as little as £2 a month members enjoy preferential motoring and insurance services, special offers at FOXY Lady Approved garages & car dealers, friendly support including a practical helpdesk and a monthly e-newsletter containing the latest news, reviews and money-saving deals. All women drivers are welcome, especially those who feel the need for practical advice and encouragement to get them back on the road after bereavement, divorce, a road accident or road rage incident.

The Club understands that motoring can be more expensive and stressful than it need be. Savvy members find it reassuring to have a motoring friend like FOXY to rely on for value for money services, a well-informed second opinion and sympathetic 1:1 support when needed, no matter the situation.

Today's advice? To join FOXY Lady Drivers Club before you need to, rather than after we could have made a difference ie so you can be sure of a much better motoring deal in future.